About the WK

All WK restaurants emphasize all that is good about food and wine, and specialize in what is great about sharing them together with friends and family. Our seasonally inspired menus highlight the bountiful resources found in and around our region, from wine to meats and produce. Our mission is to search out the highest quality, freshest, most delicious ingredients, and prepare them in their most honest form. Eat, simply. We find outstanding wines that are true representations of their place and variety, then pour them for you. Drink, simply.

We believe the most comfortable and inviting room in any house is the kitchen and also noticed all good parties inevitably end up there. So we invite you to visit our kitchens, to enjoy our comforting hospitality, delicious food and great wines. We create relaxed, inviting kitchen centered environments for friends and family to gather and explore the world of food and wine with us.