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Grapes of the Future

Earth Day Vineyard

Earth Day Vineyard

Today marks the 44th annual Earth Day.  The original Earth Day was established to celebrate and honor the Earth.  Which sounds like a good idea given all that we get from her.  Without a good and healthy Earth wine would disappear as we know it.  Which of all the Earthly gifts, would be one of the most tragic to loose.

Grape vines are the earthly equivalent to the canary in the coal mine.  A grape vine is extremely sensitive to any change, in climate, drought, winds, changes in groundwater and any kind of invasive pest.  Just a few degrees in average temperature change can render an entire vineyard useless or create a new one.  As our planet has slowly warmed over he wine industry in certain parts of Australia has suffered while the English wine industry has benefited from this average increase in temperatures.  Because of the sensitivity of grape vines, poisoned ground water has killed off whole vineyards while there were no signs of any issues in the surrounding areas.

On this day, there might not be a better way to celebrate the Earth than to open a bottle of wine and appreciate all that had to happen for the grapes to even get to the winery.  That same bottle of wine is a great reminder that we should look out for our Earth and take care of it.  We wouldn’t want the wine to go away.